Story Problems

Read the stories; find the answers.

Story 1:

Daniel’s worksheet had 15 questions. Daniel got 12 correct. How many questions did he get wrong?

Enter your answer:

3 questions

Story 2:

Our homeschool group included 11 high school students, 35 middle school students, 23 elementary students, 31 parents, and 17 kids in the nursery. How many people were in our homeschool group in all?

Enter your answer:

117 people

Story 3:

Rebekah recycles 15 cans each month. How many cans does she recycle in a year?

Enter your answer:

180 cans

Story 4:

The robotics team has 5 members. Sarah quit and Brooke joined the group. Then Braden joined the group and Sarah rejoined the group, how many members are now in the robotics team?

Enter your answer:

7 members

Story 5:

Michael told Ezra he could share his candies, but Michael didn’t know how much they should each get. Ezra was so smart. He told Michael they should each get 50%. How many did they each get if there were 34 candies?

Enter your answer:

17 candies

Story 6:

Bristol’s songbird sings 3 songs every day. How many songs will the songbird sing in 4 weeks?

Enter your answer:

84 songs

Story 7:

Briley made brownies. She mixed 1/3 cup of oil, 1/3 cup of water, one egg, and brownie mix in a bowl for 5 minutes. The brownies baked for 40 minutes. It took 10 minutes for the brownies to cool. How long did it take for Briley to make brownies in all?

Enter your answer:

55 minutes

Story 8:

Andrew drove to town. He drove 20 miles to the gas station from his house. Then he drove to the grocery store, which was 4 miles from the gas station. He drove back home, passing the gas station on his way. How many miles did Andrew drive in all?

Enter your answer:

48 miles

Story 9:

Matthew’s swim team practices weekdays at a pool one mile away from his house. He usually walks to practice and back home. One week, Matthew’s mom picked him up from practice on Monday and Friday. How many miles did Matthew walk that week?

Enter your answer:

8 miles

Story 10:

Ashlyn started to drive the day she turned 16. Each day she drove 8 miles. How many miles did she drive by the time she turned 17?

Enter your answer:

2920 miles

Story 11:

Jessica had $70 from her birthday. She bought a shirt for $15 and a skirt for $25. Then she bought accessories that cost $20. How much did she spend and how much money does she have left?

Enter your answer:

$60, $10

Story 12:

Kaitlyn ate 1/4 of a pizza. Nathaniel ate 3/4 of a pizza. Then they had cake. Kaitlyn ate 4/5 and Nathaniel ate 1/5 of the cake. How much pizza and cake did they eat?

Enter your answer:

1 pizza and 1 cake