Explore, sail and trade in a massive procedural world.

Coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One

The Game

Lands Unknown is a cinematic historical RPG set in the early 1800s, the end of the Age Of Sail.

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There are battle type ships with more cannons, trade type ships that can carry more cargo, exploration type ships that can go into shallow waters and dock in more places, and pirate type ships that allow you to more easily board enemy ships.

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The World

Each part of the world has it's own distinct feel. Your home city will begin to feel like home, and countries far away will feel strange and unfamiliar. Some areas are uncharted. They will only appear on your map after you've discovered them.

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Make huge profits trading over land or by ship. Earn money at a job in a city or on a ship. All money is in local currencies.

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System Requirements

GPU: GTX 750 or higher

CPU: Any quad core CPU

30 GB free space required

RAM: 8GB or more