By Caroline Englehart

Caroline, from Springfield, PA, wrote this as a junior in high school in 2017.

Fidelity won't always be an easy game to play
There will be times you reconsider why you chose this way
You may feel frightened, might lose hope, may even lose your life,
But don't you think that those you love are worth the sacrifice?

Doubt will try to hinder you from sticking by their side
Self-protection will look like an easy alibi
It won't be easy to hold to the truths you know are right
Do you dare to keep your cause and stay here through the night?

For there's a joy that one receives when loyalty is proved
Never giving up the fight, refusing to be moved
All because you made a pledge; unspoken fealty's due
To family, country, king, and friends— this isn't about you.