Map Reading Activity

Below are four different maps of Africa. Each one shows something different. Examine each one and answer the questions according to what you see on the map. Click on the question to see the answer.

Political Map


Lesotho is surrounded by South Africa


Climate Zone Map

In the central part; mostly in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In the northern part; it's called the Sahara Desert.

Yes, in the south-western part. It's pink.

Language Groups Map

The map key is too small to read. This map shows the different language groups in Africa. Each color represents a "family" of languages which are similar to each other.

Yellow; that's the Afroasiatic language group, which includes Arabic.

Light green; that's the Bantu language group, which includes Swahili.

Uninhabited areas; those areas are deserts where no one lives.

Religions Map

Islam (meaning the Muslim religion).


In those areas two religions are common. For example, vertical pink and purple lines show that both Christianity and native religions are common there.

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