The goal of this game is to re-organize the pieces to reproduce the initial configuration.

The initial configuration has one row of square 1 x 1 pieces on the right and bottom edges, and 2 x 2 pieces on the rest of the surface of the game.

Beginners should start with the un-numbered version. When you solve it easily, try the numbered one. Much harder.

In this game, you move the pieces by changing their size. Every move involves two adjacent pieces, and takes place in two phases. The first phase is allowed if and only if the second is possible.

You can find a legal movement by hovering the mouse cursor over the edges of the pieces. Red and green dashed lines indicate if this edge may legally be moved. When the line is green, press the left mouse button, and hold it while moving the edge up to the or one of the white lines. Then release the button, you are done with the first phase.

Most times, there is only one possibility for the second part of the movement. It will take place automatically.

In some cases, you will be asked which square to use to fill the hole. Just click one of them.

When the game starts, the original position is displayed. Click the puzzle once to scramble the pieces.

Then… Have fun!