Word Problems!

Do the following word problems. Click the picture to show the answer. Make sure you write your answer down first!

1. Sean has thirteen books. Andrew has twenty-six books. How many books do they have in total?

Answer: 39 books

2. Bill had 42 marbles. Ethan gave Bill 36 marbles. How many marbles does Bill have now?

Answer: 78 marbles

3. Owen found 16 ladybugs in the yard. Brooke found 17 ladybugs. How many ladybugs did they find together?

Answer: 33 ladybugs

4. Emma had twenty-eight dimes. Her mom gave her fifteen more dimes. How many dimes does Emma have now?

Answer: 43 dimes

5. Larry read 37 pages of his storybook yesterday. He read 24 pages today. How many pages did Larry read in all?

Answer: 61 pages

6. Tabatha picked 28 apples from the apple tree. Noah picked 39 apples. How many apples did they pick in total?

Answer: 67 apples

7. There were thirty-four books on the shelf. Orson placed sixteen more books. How many books are there now on the shelf?

Answer: 50 books

8. At the garden, Henry planted 35 flowers. Olivia planted 25 flowers. How many flowers did they plant in total?

Answer: 60 flowers