Word Problems!

Do the following word problems. Click the picture to show the answer. Make sure you write your answer down first!

1. Tom saw 16 birds on one tree and 12 birds on another tree. How many birds did Tom see in all?

Answer: 28 birds

2. Alex had fifty-two dimes. He spent seventeen of his dimes. How many dimes does Alex have now?

Answer: 35 dimes

3. Mateo has 56 marbles. Leah has 32 marbles. How many more marbles does Mateo have than Leah?

Answer: 24 marbles

4. Henry has fifteen books. Anne has twenty-three books. How many books do they have altogether?

Answer: 38 books

5. Sarah grew thirty-eight carrots. Emaya grew forty-two carrots. How many carrots did they grow in total?

Answer: 80 carrots

6. Lynn has twenty-five stickers. Will has eighteen stickers. How many more stickers does Lynn have than Will?

Answer: 7 stickers

7. Oliver read 27 pages of his storybook yesterday. He read 36 pages today. How many pages did Oliver read in all?

Answer: 63 pages

8. Twenty-two children were in the room. Fourteen of them left the room. How many children are still in the room?

Answer: 8 children