Addition Word Problems!

Do the following word problems. Click the picture to show the answer. Make sure you write your answer down first!

1. Dave belched 10 times. Nathaniel belched 18 times. How many times did they belch in total?

Answer: 28 times

2. Jake had 42 Chinese stamps. Hwang gave him 25 more Chinese stamps. How many Chinese stamps does Jake have now?

Answer: 67 stamps

3. Clara found 16 hamsters in her suitcase. Juan found 17 hamsters in his suitcase. How many hamsters did they find altogether?

Answer: 33 hamsters

4. Joe had 28 Wombat of Doom comic books. His friend gave him 15 more Wombat of Doom comic books. How many does he have now?

Answer: 43 comic books

5. Tiffany read 34 pages of her new book yesterday. She read 26 pages today. How many pages has she read altogether?

Answer: 60 pages

6. Tinea collected 45 peach pits to throw at her brother. Her brother collected 39 peach pits to throw at Tinea. How many pits did they collect in total?

Answer: 84 pits

7. There were 34 dog hairs stuck to the couch. Then our dog, Cuddles, sat on it and added 18 more dog hairs. How many dog hairs are now stuck to the couch?

Answer: 52 dog hairs

8. King Snickerdoodle captured 16 soldiers in battle. His buddy, King Doohickey, captured 22 soldiers. How many soldiers did they capture altogether?

Answer: 38 soldiers