Subtraction Word Problems!

Do the following word problems. Click the picture to show the answer. Make sure you write your answer down first!

1. Mr. Yolk had 42 eggs, but dropped 15 of them. How many did he have left?

Answer: 27 eggs

2. Joel had 37 yaks. He gave 13 of them to the zoo. How many did he have left?

Answer: 24 yaks

3. Delaney picked 48 kiwis and then gave 14 of them to Dylan. How many kiwis did Delaney have left?

Answer: 34 kiwis

4. The ancient Persians had 55 ships. The Greeks came and sank 38 of them. How many ships did the Persians have left?

Answer: 17 ships

5. There were 31 dogs in the dog show. A cat walked by and 12 of the dogs ran after it. How many dogs were left in the dog show?

Answer: 19 dogs

6. A castle had 79 knights, but giant kangaroos jumped over the wall and carried off 34 knights. How many knights are left?

Answer: 45 knights

7. There were 32 meatballs on the table. The dog walked by and ate 18 meatballs. How many meatballs were left?

Answer: 14 meatballs

8. Kayla had 20 old coins. She gave 13 to her brother for Christmas. How many coins does she have left?

Answer: 7 coins