2-Digit Word Problems!

Do the following word problems on paper. Click the picture to show the answer. Make sure you write your answer down first!

1. Dr. Slither collected 12 lizards on Tuesday. He collected 16 more lizards on Wednesday. How many lizards did he collect altogether?

Answer: 28 lizards

2. Space Guy had 52 space cubits. He spent 17 of his cubits on spaceship repairs. How many cubits did he have left?

Answer: 35 cubits

3. Blubber the Whale ate 56 fish, and Killer the Whale ate 32 fish. How many more fish did Blubber eat than Killer?

Answer: 24 more fish

4. Henry the gold miner found 15 gold nuggets. Hank, his friend, found 23 gold nuggets. How many did they find altogether?

Answer: 38 gold nuggets

5. Brianna grew 38 stink-plants. Micah grew 42 stink-plants. How many stink-plants did they grow altogether?

Answer: 80 stink-plants

6. Erika earned 25 points playing "Sloth Sleuths". Tameka earned 18 points. How many more points did Erika earn than Tameka?

Answer: 7 more points

7. Jared has a new book about Russia. He read 37 pages today and read 36 pages yesterday. How many pages has he read altogether?

Answer: 73 pages

8. There were 22 ferrets in a pet store. 14 of them were stolen in a daring ferret-napping! How many ferrets are left in the store?

Answer: 8 ferrets