2-Digit Word Problems!

Do the following word problems on paper. Click the picture to show the answer. Make sure you write your answer down first!

1. Nathan squished 15 berries. Kiara squished 19 berries. How many berries did they squish altogether?

Answer: 34 berries

2. Caleb drew 37 pictures of cows. Logan only drew 18 cow pictures. How many more cow pictures did Caleb draw than Logan?

Answer: 19 more cow pictures

3. Samuel stood on his head for for 14 minutes today and for 13 minutes yesterday. How many minutes did he stand on his head in total?

Answer: 27 minutes

4. Levi has visited 24 countries, but Ari has visited 36 countries. How many fewer countries has Levi visited than Ari?

Answer: 12 fewer countries

5. King David bought 45 chariots. King Solomon bought 52 chariots. How many chariots did they buy altogether?

Answer: 97 chariots

6. Jumpy the Frog finished the race in 46 seconds. Hoppy the Frog finished in 31 seconds. How many more seconds did it take Jumpy to finish?

Answer: 15 more seconds

7. Two llamas had a spitting contest. Enrico the llama spit 31 feet (amazing!), and Fred the llama spit 43 feet (incredible!). How many fewer feet did Enrico spit?

Answer: 12 fewer feet

8. Tom the firefighter broke down 21 doors, while his friend Jim broke down 29 doors. How many doors did they break down in total?

Answer: 50 doors