2-Digit Word Problems!

Do the following word problems on paper. Click the picture to show the answer. Make sure you write your answer down first!

1. Kayla's sheep are learning to talk. Fluffy learned 14 words, Wooly learned 18 words, and Poofy learned 21 words. How many words did the three sheep learn altogether?

Answer: 53 words

2. Grumpy the Dog chased 38 cats on Tuesday, 23 cats on Wednesday, and 14 squirrels on Thursday. How many cats did he chase in total?

Answer: 61 cats

3. Rachel got 33 pairs of socks for Christmas, while Luke got 18 pairs and Tommy got 24 pairs. How many fewer pairs of socks did Luke get than Rachel?

Answer: 15 fewer pairs

4. Jake gathered 22 caterpillars, Michael gathered 19 caterpillars, and Sophie gathered 28 caterpillars. How many more caterpillars did Jake and Michael gather than Sophie?

Answer: 13 more caterpillars

5. Jada dropped 34 drops of paint, Camden dropped 12 drops, and Grace dropped 23 drops of paint. How many drops of paint did they drop altogether?

Answer: 69 drops of paint

6. Three friends went birdwatching. Alana spotted 17 kinds of birds, Keleasha saw 24 kinds of birds, and Natalia caught 15 stinkbugs. How many kinds of birds did they see in total?

Answer: 41 kinds of birds

7. Gabriel held his breath for 33 seconds, Madison held her breath for 41 seconds, and Teddy held his breath for 47 seconds. How many fewer seconds could Gabriel hold his breath than Teddy?

Answer: 14 seconds

8. Hairy the Lumberjack chopped 56 logs. His buddy Husky chopped 34 logs, and his other buddy Beefy chopped 32 logs. How many more logs did Husky and Beefy chop together than Hairy?

Answer: 10 more logs