Word Problems!

Do the following Viking-themed word problems. Click the picture to show the answer. Make sure you write your answer down first!

1. King Olaf plundered 65 villages during his summer vacation. His rival, King Sven, plundered 28 more villages than King Olaf. How many villages did King Sven plunder?

Answer: 93 villages

2. King Sven had 88 goats. He gave 49 of them as a gift to his neighbor, Queen Gunhild, to make sure she didn't get any ideas about attacking his towns. How many goats does King Sven have left?

Answer: 39 goats

3. Bjorn the Manly Viking can catapult a cow 39 meters. Arne the Somewhat Manly Viking can only catapult a cow 21 meters. How many more meters can Bjorn catapult a cow?

Answer: 18 meters

4. Little Frode had 38 coins in his dragonskin piggybank (or is it a "dragonybank"?). His grandma gave him some coins for learning to read and write his runes so well. He now has 122 coins in his dragonybank. How many coins did his grandma give him?

Answer: 84 coins

5. King Harald the Hairy had a fleet of 99 ships. He lost 21 of them to raiders and another 47 ships were destroyed in a big storm. How many ships were left in Hairy Harald's fleet?

Answer: 31 ships

6. Knut the Chickenslayer brought 87 chickens to a battle. He catapulted 32 of them at the enemy (because a squawking chicken flying straight at you at 60 mph is a terrifying sight), and let his men cook some of them for dinner. He had 22 chickens left. How many did the men cook for dinner?

Answer: 33 chickens

7. Loki the Practical was a king who cared about his people. He built them 58 outhouses. 17 of them were burned down in a raid. His wife, seeing Loki's sadness, had 15 more outhouses built for his birthday. How many outhouses do Loki's people have now?

Answer: 56 outhouses

8. Freya the Wise decided to test young Sigfrid with riddles. Sigfrid solved 14 riddles last week, and 26 riddles this week. There were 15 riddles left to solve. What is the total number of riddles that Freya asked young Sigrid?

Answer: 55 riddles

9. In a Viking village, two teams, the Slayers and the Plunderers, played a game involving flinging a shield (kind of like Frisbee). The Slayers scored 39 points during the first half, and 47 points in the second half. The Plunderers scored a total of 63 points. By how many points did the Slayers win the game?

Answer: 23 points

10. Afvaldr, Hafli, and Myndill collect dragon scales. It's not the safest hobby in the world. Anyway, Afvaldr has 75 dragon scales. Hafli has 29 more dragon scales than Afvaldr. Myndill has 11 fewer dragon scales than Hafli. How many dragon scales does Myndill have?

Answer: 93 scales