Word Problems!

Do the following word problems. Click the picture to show the answer. Make sure you write your answer down first!

1. Johnny went to 53 extreme toe-wrestling competitions this year. He went to 43 competitions last year. How many toe-wrestling competitions has he been to altogether?

Answer: 96

2. Jin ate 35 brussel sprouts during dinner. Hayley ate 12 more brussel sprouts than Jin. How many brussel sprouts did Hayley eat?

Answer: 47

3. Sir Chews-A-Lot had 84 pieces of chewing gum. He gave 32 pieces to his daughter Chewella. How many pieces did he have left?

Answer: 52

4. Hans can do 97 buff-ups in an hour. Franz can only do 54 buff-ups in an hour. How many fewer buff-ups can Franz do?

Answer: 43

5. Sandy had 34 Albanian coins. Her dad took a trip to Albania and brought her some more. Now she has 81 Albanian coins. How many coins did she get from her dad?

Answer: 47

6. Lamar began his collection of Mongolian felt slippers with 21 pairs of slippers. He won 17 more pairs in a wrestling contest on his trip to Mongolia. He then bought 34 more pairs at a store called Genghis' Slipper Shack. How many pairs of slippers are in his collection now?

Answer: 72

7. Katie studied Native American culture and decided to build 15 teepees in her yard. Her neighbor, Mindi, liked the idea and built twice as many teepees as Katie. A storm blew in and destroyed 22 teepees. How many were NOT destroyed?

Answer: 23

8. Justin, Megan, and Sarah have a wombat problem in their neighborhood. Justin went out and, using only tootsie-rolls, captured 30 wombats. Megan then captured 31 MORE wombats than Justin. Sarah captured 19 fewer wombats than Megan. How many wombats did Sarah capture?

Answer: 42

9. A space dude has 91 intergalactic credits in his pocket. He spent 18 credits on repairs for his ship, and 30 credits for a new droid. How many credits does the space dude have left?

Answer: 43

10. Kathy made 11 posters for the Underwater Hot Dog Eating Contest. Jo made 26 more posters than Kathy. They put 14 posters up around the neighborhood. How many posters were left?

Answer: 34