Word Problems!

Do the following word problems. Click the picture to show the answer. Make sure you write your answer down first!

1. Jonathan went on 23 camping trips this year. He went on 37 camping trips last year. How many camping trips did he go on all together?

Answer: 60 camping trips

2. Rebecca drank 51 cups of tea in the Annual Tea Guzzling Competition. Lee drank 19 more cups of tea than Rebecca. How many cups of tea did Lee drink?

Answer: 70 cups

3. Ricardo found 98 arrowheads at a construction site. He gave 61 of them to a museum. How many arrowheads did he have left?

Answer: 37 arrowheads

4. Alicia said "These three trees" 63 times before spraining her tongue. Tom could only say it 16 times before he sprained his tongue. How many fewer times could Tom say it than Alicia?

Answer: 47 times

5. Ding Dong the Dog had 45 different flavors of dog biscuit in his collection. His master gave him a bunch of new flavors. Now he has 70 flavors in his collection. How many different flavors of dog biscuit did his master give him?

Answer: 25 flavors

6. A hamster thief had 12 hamsters. He stole 16 more hamsters from a pet store, and then he hamster-napped 49 more hamsters. How many hamsters does he have now?

Answer: 77 hamsters. Actually, pretty soon he's going to have zero and be in jail, because crime doesn't pay...

7. A medieval king captured 13 prisoners in battle. His general captured twice as many prisoners as the king. Then a group of enemy soldiers came and rescued 19 of the prisoners. How many were not rescued?

Answer: 20 prisoners

8. Some scientists were collecting samples of rhino spit. Dr. Salivus collected 26 samples. Dr. Spittenheimer collected 27 more samples than Dr. Salivus. Dr. Droolson collected 22 fewer samples than Dr. Spittenheimer. How many samples did Dr. Droolson collect?

Answer: 31 samples

9. Vladimir gathered 99 mushrooms in the forest. He ate 27 of them, and then sold 31 of them at the farmer's market. How many did he have left?

Answer: 41 mushrooms

10. Goldilocks made 28 bear traps. Her friend Brownielocks made 39 more bear traps than Goldilocks. They hid 19 of the traps around their cottages. How many traps were left?

Answer: 76 traps