Word Problems!

Do the following word problems. Click the picture to show the answer. Make sure you write your answer down first!

1. Doug is purchasing survival equipment for a wilderness expedition. He has his eye on a pocket knife that was originally $45, but is now 30% off. How much would be taken off of the original price?

Answer: $13.50

2. Caroline is buying her mom a giant disco ball for the living room. What a lovely surprise! Anyway, its normal price is $360, but it's on sale: 20% off! What is the discounted price of the disco ball?

Answer: $288

3. Noriko is introducing her American friend to the joys of sushi. She buys a selection of different kinds for $11.80, $8.60, $5.15, and $17.45. What is the total price?

Answer: $43.00

4. Joyce takes two-fifths (2/5) of her fish eyeball collection and donates it to a fishy research institute. What percentage of her collection did she sacrifice for the sake of science?

Answer: 40%

5. Victor enjoys a meal at a nice Turkish restaurant. The waiter was very helpful and even slipped him some extra bread and gave him a free Turkish lesson. Çok güzel! He wants to give a nice tip. If the bill comes to $37.20, how much should Victor add for a 30% tip?

Answer: $11.16

6. Anna and Layla are eating at a diner. The waitress was grumpy and "accidently" stomped on Anna's toe when she asked for more syrup for her pancakes. They are not feeling very generous and decide to only give a 5% tip. The bill comes to $18.20. How much would they pay, including the tip?

Answer: $19.11

7. Tanya has to pay tax on the money she made selling her paintings. She sold $4,200 worth of paintings. How much tax would she pay if the income tax rate is 25%?

Answer: $1,050

8. Tom bought some extra nosehair clippers (because you can never have too many). He bought a variety of shapes and colors. Their prices were $3.25, $4.50, and $4.25. He was delighted to find out that they were on sale at 25% off. How much did he pay for them?

Answer: $9.00

9. Laura learned that, in a recent survey in her county, it was discovered that 20% of the people thought that cows were beautiful, 33% thought that cows were ugly, and 14% thought that cows were somewhat attractive. The remainder refused to take such a dumb survey. What percentage refused to take the survey?

Answer: 33%

10. David is trying to enter a country in Central Asia to visit his friend. He is carrying three $100 dollar bills, two $50 bills, and ten $20 bills. The corrupt customs official at the airport demands a bribe of 20% of that money to let David in. How much is the official asking for?

Answer: $120. Don't do it, David!