Word Problems!

Do the following word problems. Click the picture to show the answer. Make sure you write your answer down first!

1. Mr. G has realized that he has a gerbil problem. He decides to give away 53 of his gerbils to 7 lucky students. However, he wants to give the same number of gerbils to each student. How many gerbils will Mr. G have left?

Answer: 4 gerbils

2. Henrietta has 79 cents in her pocket. She wants to buy 5 whatchamacallits at Whatchamacallits-R-Us. Each whatchamacallit costs 14 cents. How much money will Henrietta have left?

Answer: 9 cents

3. Ivan, Kevin, and Hwang collect Coke cans from different countries. They counted up their collections, and Ivan had 9 cans, Kevin had 3 times as many cans as Ivan, and Hwang had 3 times as many cans as Kevin. How many Coke cans did Hwang have?

Answer: 81 cans

4. A pet store had 37 puppies. They sold 10 puppies. They then got 7 more puppies. How many puppies does the pet store have now?

Answer: 34 puppies

5. Mrs. Dupont baked 42 frog leg pies. She wants to divide them equally among 8 eager children. How many whole pies should she give to each child?

Answer: 5 pies

6. The ancient Egyptians are having a pyramid-building contest. There will be 6 teams with 12 builders on each team. How many builders will take part in the contest?

Answer: 72 builders

7. Elizabeth has the lead role in a play about the fate of those who fail to learn math. She has to learn 84 lines by heart before opening night. She learns 7 lines each day. How many days will it take Elizabeth to learn her lines?

Answer: 12 days

8. Ms. Dutton needs 46 gold-plated sporks for her fancy picnic/dinner party. Such sporks are sold in bundles of 7. How many bundles of sporks should Ms. Dutton buy?

Answer: 7 bundles

9. Altan is starting a Mongolian throat-singing choir. He wants to have 7 groups with 11 singers in each group. How many singers will be in the choir?

Answer: 77 singers

10. A group of 24 tourists decided to go bungee-jumping off the Eiffel Tower in Paris. 13 of them were arrested and sent home, while 8 more tourists decided to join the group. How many bungee-jumping tourists were in the group now?

Answer: 19 tourists (Note: bungee-jumping off the Eiffel tower is a really bad idea)