Proportion Word Problems!

Do the following word problems. Click the picture to show the answer. Make sure you write your answer down first!

1. Jake is planning to ride a camel across the desert. He knows that for a three-day journey, he will need 12 liters of water. How much water will he need for a five-day journey, if he drinks the same amount each day? (Don't mess this's a matter of life and death. No pressure though.)

Answer: 20 liters

2. Ali has invented a puppy attractor. It emits stinky slipper odor, and the puppies come running. The catch is that it uses 6 stink batteries per 8 hours of usage, and stink batteries are not cheap. How many stink batteries would be needed for 12 hours of usage?

Answer: 9 stink batteries

3. Peter believes that the key to US-Russian friendship is country music, and so he's working day and night to translate American country music into Russian. He manages to translate 16 songs in 5 days. At this rate, how many days will it take him to translate all 120 of his favorite singer's songs?

Answer: 37.5 days

4. Lara loves snickerdoodles and has agreed to do yardwork for her neighbor in exchange for those round patties of sugary goodness. She works for 4 hours the first day and receives 14 snickerdoodles. If she works 10 hours the second day, how many snickerdoodles should she expect to receive if she is paid at the same rate?

Answer: 35 snickerdoodles

5. Amanda is renting a car in Germany, but she isn't very familiar with the metric system. Today she drove her car 81 kilometers and used 9 liters of fuel. How many kilometers could she drive tomorrow on 22 liters of fuel? Assume her car is using fuel at the same rate.

Answer: 198 kilometers