Word Problems!

Do the following word problems. Click the picture to show the answer. Make sure you write your answer down first!

1. Gina went to 47 extreme sewing competitions this year. She went to 28 competitions last year. How many extreme sewing competitions did she go to all together?

Answer: 75 competitions

2. George solved 34 problems during the addition competition. Juan solved 17 more problems than George. How many addition problems did Juan solve?

Answer: 51 problems

3. Tonya had 43 lizard toes in her collection. She gave 16 of them to her brother so he could start a lizard toe collection too. How many lizard toes did Tonya have left?

Answer: 27 lizard toes

4. Maddie can flare her nostrils 79 times per minute. Tom can only flare his nostrils 32 times per minute. How many fewer times per minute can Tom flare his nostrils?

Answer: 47 times

5. Tim had 28 Euro coins in his coin collection. His dad went on a trip to Europe and brought him some more Euro coins. Now Tim has 67 Euro coins in his collection. How many Euro coins did Tim get from his dad?

Answer: 39 coins

6. Karla began her worm zoo with 20 worms, a gift from her dad. Then she went to the fishing bait shop and bought 22 more worms. Later, she dug up 50 worms from her backyard. How many worms does she now have in her worm zoo?

Answer: 92 worms

7. Joann made 12 sandwiches. Donald made twice as many sandwiches as Joann. They spread them out on the floor, and their dog ran in and ate 20 sandwiches. How many sandwiches remained after the dog raid?

Answer: 16 sandwiches

8. Joe, Betsy and Kim collect exotic deoderant containers. Joe has 24 of them. Betsy has 12 more deoderant containers than Joe. Kim has 12 fewer containers than Betsy. How many exotic deoderant containers does Kim have?

Answer: 24 containers

9. King Jehoshaphat had 95 swords. He lost 39 swords in battles, and gave 35 swords to his son Jehoram. How many swords did King Jehoshaphat have left?

Answer: 21 swords

10. Jacob and Jim are advertising their unique (and tasty) gummi bear art. Jacob made 29 posters. Jim made 14 more posters than Jacob. They hung up 24 posters around the city. How many posters were left over?

Answer: 48 posters