Word Problems!

Do the following word problems. Click the picture to show the answer. Make sure you write your answer down first!

1. All of the homeschool co-ops in the state are having a mathematics rap competition. Each of the 9 co-ops will send 4 of their best math rappers to the competition. How many students will participate all together?

Answer: 36 students

2. John can say "Free the three free fleas!" 15 times in one minute. How many times can he say it in 4 minutes, assuming his lips don't get tired?

Answer: 60 times

3. Kathy is reading an exciting book on the history of sloth racing. The book has 138 pages. If she reads 23 pages a day, how many days will it take her to finish the book?

Answer: 6 days

4. Asahel, the fastest runner in the Bible, is training for a marathon. He can run 11 miles in one hour. How many hours would it take him to finish a marathon that was 66 miles long?

Answer: 6 hours

5.Three cats had a hairball competition. Cuddles coughed up 9 hairballs. Shaggy hacked up 7 times as many hairballs as Cuddles. And Slinky coughed up 4 times as many hairballs as Shaggy. How many hairballs did Slinky produce?

Answer: 252 hairballs. That's disgusting.

6. Leigh has 80 dollars. She wants to buy 7 books in Chinese at the store. Each book costs 8 dollars. How much money will Leigh have left?

Answer: $24

7. Harry is selling colorful, patterned tissues, so that people can blow their noses in style. He sells 10 boxes of them each day. After 8 days, he still has 5 boxes of tissues left to sell. How many boxes of stylish tissues did he start out with?

Answer: 85 boxes

8. A class went on a trip to a fancy-shmancy art gallery. They paid a total of $260 for admission tickets. Each ticket costs $20. How many students went on the trip?

Answer: 13 students

9. Sam can say "hi" in 26 different languages. If he learns to say "hi" in 17 more languages, he will then know how to say "hi" in exactly half as many languages as his friend Gunter does. How many languages can Gunter say "hi" in?

Answer: 86 languages

10. Josh has 12 brussel sprout-flavored lollipops. Jennifer has 7 times as many brussel sprout-flavored lollipops as Josh, but only half as many as Ned. How many brussel sprout-flavored lollipops does Ned have?

Answer: 168 lollipops. Don't you wish you were Ned?