Our New Life

Mayflower Mast

We lived on board the Mayflower for months and months. We started loading the ship in July of 1620 and left on the 22nd. We had a sixty-six-day voyage. Then we had to decide where to live. We settled on Plymouth and began building the first homes on December 25th, 1620, five months after we left home. Even then, we had to still live on board until we had homes built to live in.

photograph of Plymouth Rock, says 1620 Plymouth Rock

This rock marks our landing on the shores of the New World in 1620.

We had no crops grown yet, so we had to rely on hunting, gathering, and help from the natives of the land. They taught us how to survive on the land. We always gave thanks for the food the good Lord provided for us.

Pilgrim Clothing, Praying at Meal Time